Kurlandski Family History

On this page we explore the Kurlandskis based in St. Louis, Missouri, my father's father's side of the family. The links at right will lead you to what I have so far managed to learn.

Some unexpected discoveries in my adventure include:

  • "Kurlandski" is not the original spelling of our name.
  • Sister Regina's original name was not Regina.
  • My grandfather, Louis U. Kurlandski, had a sister named Katie that our oral family history doesn't mention.

Where We Started

Here follows what I knew about my great-grandparents at the time I began this quest. Sophia M. Preis was first married to a John Wroblewski, and had two children by him—-John and Regina. Later Regina would come to be known as Sister Regina. After her husband, John, died, Sophia married Louis Roy Kurlandski, my great-grandfather. Together they had five sons.

Here follows what I did not know. I did not know when or where Sophia and Louis met. I knew nothing about their occupations, birth dates, respective families or homes. Most importantly, I had no inkling of when or where the Kurlandski clan arrived in this country.